Wednesday, March 30, 2011



I have a fear of sleep and lately that has led to the development of a fear of night time. So I did this in an attempt to remind myself that I'm a tiny thing in the gigantic universe, and that if I didn't live a place with so many lights at night, I could see proof of that in the sky. So night time isn't scary, it's starry and fascinating and fun!

Of course, this didn't drive my fear away. It's pretty, though, isn't it? You can't really see it on the blue base, but I used both silver and gold glitters. And glitter polish holds everything together so there was very little chipping at the tips and cuticles. I could have left this on until the weekend, but I was given something today that gave me inspiration! I love being inspired.

So now my nails are different. The next post will be soon. :)

Sunday, March 27, 2011


When I started this blog, I vowed that it wouldn't be like the boring nail blogs that feature just nail polish slapped on nails, without any "nail art" involved. But just look at this blue. Look how delicious and creamy it is. It is perfect. I couldn't help snapping a shot of it before doing some art.

I bought some nail polish stamping plates on eBay recently. The most popular brand of nail art plates is Konad. It's also purportedly the best quality. I decided to try it. Shipping from South Korea to Singapore takes a surprisingly short time. Anyway, check it out:

I stamped purple concentric circles over the blue. Very sloppily. I haven't gotten the hang of stamping yet. You may not notice, but there are smudges and overlaps.

I also haven't gotten the hang of photographing my nails. I'm a very bad photographer. When I get good shots, it's purely by luck.

But practice makes perfect, right?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Golden Sunlight And Green Leaves

Leaves look so good on sunny days. Sunlight just bounces off them. I love looking at trees and bushes and grass in the sun. They look happy. So silently content. They've got all they need: sunlight, water, together with all kinds of soluble nutrients from deep under the ground, and all the carbon dioxide they can take in. Plants are the epitome of peace.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I Dreamed A Dream

Believe it or not, this design came to me in a dream. I saw it very clearly - the colours, the shape, the rhinestones, and even the length of my nails. I guess I'd been reading too many nail blogs and was thinking about nail polish when I went to sleep.

This picture doesn't do justice to the colours, though. I didn't manage to take one that showed the true colours. And I can't take any more pictures at the moment because most of the rhinestones have fallen off. I got my hands very wet while cleaning cat cages at the SPCA. I'm left with 3 out of 10 rhinestones. Maybe I'll put on more when I'm not stoned on flu medicine, and stick them on more firmly. I just used a measly drop of top coat under the rhinestones to paste them on. I should have totally smothered them in polish.

I tried my best to edit the pictures to make the colours look as accurate as possible. This is as close as I got. The purple and the pink rhinestones are actually just a tiny bit deeper, but the orange on the tips is a LOT more fluorescent. To say it's bright would be a terrible understatement. I love it so much.

It's one of the polishes that cost about $2. People love to buy expensive nail polish brands like OPI and Orly, but in my opinion, they're very overrated. Most of them are very mediocre. I have a lot of very interesting, quality polishes that I bought for less than $3. Maybe I'll show you one day.

I'm holding a nearly empty bottle of vanilla extract because I'd been baking. But I don't have a picture of the delicious, fat, soft, chewy, chocolate chocolate chip cookies I baked because my mother brought them to school and fed them to her students. They're all gone. I've got quite a reputation as an expert baker at my mother's school. Her students and colleagues send me compliments through her. It's nice to know that I make people I don't even know happy.

Sunday, March 13, 2011



My friend Danny is in National Service. It is such a waste of time. It's not as if the SAF will be able to defend anyone against anything if we're in war. It is probably the smallest army in the world. If we're in war, we will lose in about two minutes. All National Service does is make Singaporean men think that guns and fighting is all macho and cool, because they'll never be in war to be disillusioned.

I know my  nails don't look much like camouflage up close, but stand a little back from your computer and you won't even know they're there. Because they're camouflaged.

Okay, enough with the unfunny jokes. You get the point. I did my best with the colours I have. It looks nice from far away. War sucks. National service is pointless. The army is only good for its pretty camouflage pattern.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Yin and Yang

Yin Yang

The best philosophy ever. There's a complementary opposite to everything in life.

Whenever there's pain, there's a tiny dot of pleasure in it. When there's joy, there's a little bit of suffering in it. Happiness grows, and when it reaches its maximum, dissatisfaction begins. And the dissatisfaction grows, reaching maximum where it turns back into happiness. It's the circle of life. (Stop thinking about lion cubs.)

Many people I know are unhappy. And they try to be happy by trying to get rid of the unhappiness. Fools. That's not how happiness is found. Happiness is found inside the unhappiness. There's a little bit of happiness in misery, and in order to be able to see it, you have to embrace the misery and let it grow. Feel miserable. As the misery grows, so will the little seed of happiness inside it. And eventually the seed will become full-blown happiness with misery inside of it. And as happiness grows, of course the misery seed will grow too. It's a circle, like I said. It never ends.

I know yin and yang are supposed to be two fishes or tadpoles forming a circle, but I don't have the brush skills to paint circles or curvy lines on my nails. Thus, I drew almost straight lines. It still works, don't you think?

Bonus! Look what I got in the mail today. 

Rhinestones! I'm going to do awesome things with them. Anticipate! :D

Thursday, March 3, 2011

bavani's colours

I've always found beauty in colours. It's what I love most about nature, and wildlife and all that. Bright flowers in green trees. Light from the sun captured in water in the sky, forming rainbows. Black stripes dark against the brilliant orange stripes of tigers. Iridescent wings of huge, scary black insects. Clear rain water mixing with sandy soil to make chocolate-brown mud. Shiny gray dolphins jumping out of deep blue seas. White-blue Husky eyes. The contrast of the pure white and stark black of my cat's fur, and the clear, sharp yellow of his eyes. The same colours on mynas - yellow beaks, black bodies and white wing tips. The thick, rich red of blood that rushes through all of us.

These things are why I love colours. Colours make me feel calm. That's why I always paint my nails. People think it's because I'm insecure about my naked nails, but no. It's to remind myself of things that make me happy. When something upsets me, I can look at my nails and feel composed. When I look at my nails, there's nothing but my cat's eyes or a flower in a tree or the blood that's pumped through my lungs. Everything else fades. Nothing can make me unhappy when my heart still pumps blood and flowers still bloom and my cat still looks at me with love. I don't paint my nails to hide myself from the world. I do it to hide the upsetting things in the world from myself. The more troubled I am, the more colours I put on my nails.

I feel in colours too. I don't know it when I'm feeling them, but when I think back about times when I experienced strong emotions, everything's tinted a certain colour. Every emotion in every situation has a unique colour. Painting that colour on my nails or my eyelids is a way of releasing the emotion.

I hope you didn't expect this blog to be light-hearted fun, with manicures and makeup tips. Nothing about me is light-hearted. My heart is very heavy.

Here are some of my best expressions:

 Black Cat With Yellow Eyes

 White Cat With Blue Eyes

 Day And Night


 Orange Juice, Blueberries And Chocolate

 Rainy Sky Over Trees

 Melted M&Ms

 Bird Park

 Warm Side Of The Rainbow

 Mad Hatter


 Chinese New Year! One of my favourites.


Empty Blue Sky

Look forward to a lot more pictures.