Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Venom Claws

Yeah, claws again. Green this time, so that they look venomous. That's how I felt when I painted them. Toxic, dangerous to others. I sometimes think that that's why I wear bright colours, to warn people to stay away like frogs, snakes and insects do.

Isn't the colour pretty? It reflects gold. You can't really see it on my nails in these pictures but it shows up in the bottle. Maybe I shouldn't have used a black base. I'll try it on other colours.

And yes, I showed you my chipped polish. My fingernails are always painted but never perfect. What are you gonna do?

Monday, May 30, 2011

Cookie Monster

So, the hiatus has ended a little earlier than I predicted. I've got a new computer. And it's blue just like the cookie monster.

I love cookies. Just like the cookie monster. I wanted to paint a cookie on my ring finger, but I didn't have the right colours and didn't feel like getting my acrylic paint and mixing. So, all monsters.

And yes, the picture quality is bad and there's a big chip on my middle finger. I didn't manage to take a picture until about 5 days in. School, ya know.

Friday, May 27, 2011


I'm not able to upload pictures onto this blog due to some technical difficulties. That is, my piece of crap computer decided to die on me. Until I get a new one, which will be in mid-June, I won't be writing here. I'll still be painting my nails, though, and when I get my computer, I will flood this blog with entries. You'll be overwhelmed. Just wait.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Dark Side versus Bright Side

I know, I've been away too long. I've got a few designs accumulated which I haven't written about. I've been meaning to, but school work, sickness and indolence got in the way. I'll get to it this week, though. Hopefully.

We all have dark sides and bright sides. Side by side. This is how I expressed mine. Can you see how the dark side glows with tiny blue and purple glitter? And how the bright side is dulled by gray shimmer? Sometimes dark sides aren't very dark and bright sides aren't very bright.

And yeah, I messed up. There are dark spots on the bright side of my left middle finger. And my right pinkie is smudged. I can make up some philosophical crap that makes them tie in with the whole concept, but I won't. Just ignore them, okay. :)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Kitten Love

 Kitten Love

You're probably wondering what this has to do with kittens. Well, it's inspired by this photo:

Yeah. I just took some of the colours in this picture and put them on my nails. I am SO creative, I know.

It's my favourite picture of all time. Look how sweet and adoring he is! I just woke up one day and he was lying up there like that. And since my phone was already in my hand after I switched off the alarm, I clicked the camera on and snapped a picture.

This still happens a lot. My cat loves to sleep near my head in the morning. Sometimes on my head. Many times, he sits on my chest and rests his face on mine. That was so sweet when he was young, it still is, but now he's so heavy. He's almost 5 kilograms heavy. He's a big boy now. <3

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Yes, I've finally painted cupcakes on my nails. I've wanted to for a long time, but only figured out how to do it recently. I'm in it for the colours, you see, not pictures. I'm not an artist, just a noob that likes colours.

Once I found one picture of cupcakes on nails on a blog, I kept finding them everywhere. On nail blogs, YouTube, and Flickr. Apparently, it's a popular design. 

But this was not only inspired by those. It's inspired by my friend Rev, who is the best baker I know. We sort of started baking together a few years ago, and she has progressed from a noob who bakes with friends to an expert baker, decorating and selling cakes and entering contests, while I'm still baking all kinds of chocolate chip cookies. Her cupcakes are almost literally orgasmic. You know, I think she should start a baking blog. *Overt hint*

I didn't manage to take good pictures. These pictures are crap. But it's okay, because I was going to paint cupcakes in different colours another time, anyway. I want some chocolate cupcakes. Yummm.